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Search Results Pages are full of relevant content with AdSense ads on the first three positions! All results pages are presented as static content and are indexed by Google, getting tons of free traffic, resulting in more visitors, more clicks and more money!
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How Does It Work

Our script is a meta search engine script. It means you don't need to have a huge data-centers to run your own search engine. Our script can query several other search engines and collate their results into a final results set. It is just another way of presenting the contents that are already there on the net in a unique and search engine friendly manner.

The ad space is entirely yours! Displaying relevant sponsored results which will generate income is one of the main goals of our meta search engine script. AdSense ads are displayed on the first positions resulting in really high Click-Through Rate!

Your website will be Full of SEO optimized, keyword rich pages generated on-the-fly!

Watch the DEMO!


Build-in Monetization

AdSense is the main money making source for our script but not the only one. The Engine has also Amazon, and Ebay affiliate programs integrated. Amazon is paying up to 15% in referral fees. Ebay is paying per click.

Want to sell HD Camcorders from Amazon? Never been easier: 1 click and the sales page is ready! Drive traffic and make money!
Or you may want to be paid by Ebay ? Offer an Auction search to your visitors.

The search engine script is 100% automatic. You only need to install it and input your affiliate IDs in admin panel. After that all pages are generated automatically when they are needed. Script is fully customizable. It is really easy to run a Niche-specific, Language-specific or Country-specific search engine. You can tune up any module, turn it on or off, edit main page categories and upload your logo to make your search engine unique!

Search Engine Optimized Results Pages

Results pages are optimized for search engine spiders. Each results page has a link list of relevant keywords for better in-depth indexing. (see demo)

All pages are presented as static HTML pages and are indexed by search engines very fast.

For example: page with search results on "domains" is named "domains.html", "free domains" is named "free_domains.html", "cheap com domains" is named "cheap_com_domains.html" etc.

Your urls will look like this:

Do you have a high-paying keyword you want to benefit from? Just insert it in the URL and your money making page with relevant content and AdSense ads will be created instantly!


"How much will I make ?"

It depends on your website promotion skills. But we guarantee the script will pay for itself in 30 days after being indexed by Google! We will give you a full refund if it will not pay for itself in 30 days! Just put 3-5 incoming links to your Search Engine and it will be crawled by Google and will start making you money!

Put more links and make really big money! Each of our well promoted sites is making $500 - $2000 a month in Adsense only!
But there are also E-bay and Amazon programs build-in.


Easy Installation Process

The installation process is so easy even a newbie can do it! You need to have a domain name and a hosting account to install the script. This script runs on almost any Linux based Shared Hosting. You can buy a domain and a webhosting at Godaddy if you don't have one. Economy Linux plan for as low as $4.99/month is enough to run this search engine script. We can install the script for you for as low as $15.

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40'000 Top-Paying AdSense Keywords Database

Drive visitors to high-priced searches

You will get a list of 40'000 Google AdSense top-paying keywords as a bonus! It will expose you all profitable niches in AdSense.

By identifying the highest paying keywords on the Internet, the database allows website owners to dramatically improve earnings in the Google AdSense program.

adsense keywords

Advertisers bid against each other to receive better placement in the results, and the bidding price for each keyword differs. For example, the keyword ‘weather’ is only worth 5 cents or less to most advertisers, while keywords such as ‘loan’ often yield $5 or more per click. Since Google splits its advertising revenue with you on a click-by-click basis, you obviously want the ads that Google delivers to include the highest paying keywords.
This Top-paying AdSense Keywords database will let you drive your visitors to searches that would earn the highest value!



This Exellent e-book will Teach You To Use The Most Powerful Tool On The Internet (Google Adsense) To Create Multiple Income Streams!
With AdWords, Google makes a lot of money. With AdSense, web publishers - that's you! - can reach a lot of people and make a lot of money too!


Secrets of High Profit
Websites Ebook

From this book you will learn:

  • 7 Potential Income Streams for Your Website
  • How to Find Ready-Made Websites Already Receiving Traffic
  • How You Can Boost Your Sales Potential by Buying Legitimate Website Traffic
  • A Website Tracking Service that Will Let You IM Your Visitors
  • A Marketing Technique That Will Generate Revenue Without You Lifting a Finger and MUCH MORE!

These bonuses are completely free with every purchase.


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are offering a 60 day, risk free money-back gaurantee. If at anytime within 60 days of purchasing our outstanding se script, you are not happy or not satisfied, then simply uninstall the script from your server, contact us and we will return your money back!


Beware of Pirated Versions

There is a stolen and nulled version of our script available on some warez sites. It is out-of-date and doesn't work as it should.
Beware: Pirated versions of the script are stealing your commisions!
No complaints are reviewed from the users of pirated versions.

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4. All bonuses including 40'000 top-paying AdSense keywords database.






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